Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Rachel Zoe Project returns

This news is Maj! Like, it's totally Ba-nanas! When I read it in my twitter-feed, I died! 
Hehe...ok, I'll stop with the Zoe-isms. You get the point. The Rachel Zoe Project is back for its 5th season after an almost 1.5 year long hiatus. Bravo TV will start airing it from the 6th of March. Don't know when Arena in Australia will catch up but hopefully it'll be soon and we can have new eps to look forward to in the near future.
The show, if you haven't already watched the first 4 seasons and its gazillion re-runs, is like most other reality shows: a little bit trashy, full of drama, every insignificant event edited to look like the biggest tragedy. But throw in a bit of hollywood glam, beautiful people, a smidgen of an insight into the lives of the rich and famous, gorgeous designer outfits, LA snobbery and voila you've got The Rachel Zoe Project! Guilty-pleasure-TV at its best!
On the show you also get to see a little bit of what happens behind-the-scenes when her A-list clients need to have their red-carpet looks sorted.
The 2 darlings of the Oscars this year were both styled by RZ.

Other celebs who have her on Speed Dial for couture control are:
Jennifer Garner - her very first celebrity client.

Cameron Diaz

Demi Moore

Eva Mendes

Still love this gorj white dress and turquoise necklace she wore to the Globes in 2009. This may have, kind of, subconsciously inspired my birthday outfit.

She's also Guest Editor for

Has her own successful fashion and accessories line.
 And she's a mum to a (very stylish) toddler.

 Of course her life is Reality Show-worthy!

Can't wait to watch her and all the amazing new outfits this season.
I always think Black and Gold when I think Rachel Zoe
Love her 70s, boho, chic style
She also does classic, glamour with an edge really well

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