Wednesday, 16 July 2014

One night at Crown

So, if you read my previous post, you would have realised that Mr. Pre works with an awesome company - the chocolate tour was part of their annual conference and so was staying the night at Crown Metropol with dinner at Rockpool Bar & Grill for employees and their spouses/partners. We got to stay the night on the highest floor with a city-view room! What a great way to spend the weekend. It was like a mini-vacation. Even just one night at a nice hotel even if you don't leave town with great food, wine and a good view can help recharge those batteries. I highly recommend it. Here's a glimpse of our stay on the 26th floor and dinner...

This photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful piece of meat that was on my plate. Also, since we were so many of us, we got all the sides on the menu, this was just my first serve. 
What a great weekend it was of good food, wine, chocolate and all things indulgent! 
But now time to stop looking back and start looking ahead. I'm going away for a bit this weekend. This time on a proper getaway not just a mini one (still short though, only a week, but holidays are never long enough). Watch this space for updates...

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Chocolate Tour - 2

It's a cold, wintry night and I'm sitting on my couch, snuggled up next to the heater, sipping coffee and watching Confessions of a Shopaholic. Quite a perfect setup. But I can't help but think about this amazing weekend I had a few weeks ago...I've been meaning to share but just haven't gotten around to it. Until tonight, because all that's missing in this perfect setup of mine tonight is some chocolate! Which brings me to the Chocolate Tour I went on, again (remember I did this last year?). No, I'm not a crazy chocoholic (just a shopaholic). It was organised as a team-bonding activity by Mr.Pre's work. Fun idea, isn't it! So here are some pics from the day...

Statutory Warning: Below images contain some decadent delights and are not suitable for persons with a delicate willpower and trying desperately to shed winter weight by avoiding and not consuming decadent delights (this includes me) - so what the heck, go ahead and enjoy this eye-candy...

Our tour began this time at the new Cacao Lab at the Strand where we were given Hot Chocolate Shots.

Hot Milk Chocolate Shot
We went to Koko Black in the Royal Arcarde, of course.

Taking a little break from all the chocolate, I stopped to admire the beauty of the architecture of the Royal Arcade. I love this place. Makes me feel like I'm living in the 1920s.

There were a few other choco-licious stops we made along the way including Haighs and the Fair Trade store. We ended the tour with a complimentary hot drink and dessert at Theobroma in Melbourne Central (I took my dessert in a take-away container as I had had enough chocolate for the day - yes, there is such a thing as too much chocolate).
Mocha at Theobroma
But after all that sweetness, I needed something savoury. What better than Jimmy Grant's chips with oregano, garlic oil and feta right next door at the Emporium foodcourt! Yumm!

I'm in love with these chips! They're my new guilty-pleasure! (Now you know why I'm trying so desperately to shed those winter-kilos!)

Alright, now for the decadent delight I promised....just kidding ;) - it's my outfit for the day.

Floral Bomber Jacket: *$25 (Portmans)
Grey Marle Tee: *$10 (Dotti)
Bow Necklace in Soft-Gold: $19.95 (Portmans)
Embossed Jeans: $49.95 (Zara)
Bag: *$53 (Forever New)
Black Ballet Flats: $12 (H&M)

Outfit Total: $169.90
* = sale prices

The Chocoholics Tour was just as enjoyable the second time around as well. I highly recommend doing it just as a fun weekend activity with your friends if you are looking to do something different without spending a fortune or travelling far and wide.
You can find their details here.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Mid-Year Sales!

 Omg these sales are amazing! They are some of the best ever deals! Is anyone else as excited as I am? I was in my element this weekend, shopping up a storm. And I could have kept going...but I had to stop myself because I'm going on holidays next month. Here are my finds:

Witchery (7 days of Sales - every day a new offer): Buy a sale item & get the second one for further 50% off

Always wanted a Bretton Stripe Top - bought this one originally $49.95 down to $34.95

Got this necklace which was originally $69.95 for a further 50% off the sale price of $29.95
French Connection: further 20% off Sale prices 
Originally $79.95 down to $39.95 and further 20% off
Fits like a dream - these pants originally $129.95 down to $64.95 less 20% 

Scarf originally $39.95 down to $19.95 and further 20% off
 Sportsgirl: 50%off Selected Styles 

Wouldn't be my wardrobe without some colour: Originally $69.95, got it at 50% off

Last one in my size - was $69.95 down to $39.95

Some of these offers are still available online. Now the challenge is stopping myself from buying any more as these sales will continue next week while Myer begins their Stocktake Sale on Wednesday and Zara will be on sale soon, too.

Some other exciting offers I had to resist were...
Steve Madden: 50% off selected styles
Country Road: Buy 2 sale items, get the 3rd free
Seed: Further 25% off Sale Knitwear
Kookai: Futher 50% off selected styles

Happy Sale Shopping!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Wombat Hill and the Outfit Blunder

The (much needed) long weekend is here! And so we decided to get out of Melbourne for the day (genius plan, I know!) for some fresh air. So, we drove upto Daylesford and decided to wander around the Wombat Hill Gardens and grab a bite at the Cafe.

I had the Cottage Pie with salad (it came with a green salad but I swapped it for the Quinoa & pumpkin salad they had on display as it looked beautiful) and tomato chutney. Perfect meal for a wintery day.

Mr. Pre had the yummy beef roll with chips, salad and tomato chutney.

So, the air was fresher than I expected up there and the blunder I made was not carrying a warm enough jacket. Rookie mistake. The chivalrous Mr. Pre came to my rescue and like the hero of a mushy, romantic movie, took off his own hoodie just so I could be warm (and so that he wouldn't have to listen to anymore whinging about how cold I was). I, however, felt too guilty making him pay for my mistake and like the heroine of a movie yet to be made, took off the jacket and gave it back to him and continued to suffer in the cold with just a cardigan over my top (and continued to whinge about it). But we didn't stay outdoors for too long so it was fine. I kept it on for long enough to take an outfit photo, though. May have started a new trend here with the "Husband Hoodie" (sophisticated twist on the "Boyfriend Blazer").

My Blunder-ful Outfit:

Navy & White Stripe top: *$10 (Valleygirl)
Black Cardigan (not visible in the photo): *$15 
Red Chinos: *$25 (Zara)
Black Ballet Flats: $12 (H&M)
Tote Bag: *$71.96 (Seed)
Husband Hoodie: *$49 (Gap)

Outfit Total: $182.96
* = sale prices

 For a little more warmth we went into this cozy bakery on Vincent St. to have another coffee accompanies buy a Vanilla Slice and Lamington to share...mmm...I want to go back. Soon hopefully and well equipped this time for the nippy weather.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Winter Inspirations

Metallic, structured, leopard print - this skirt ticks all the winter-must-have boxes!
Oversized Icy Blue Coat - Colour of the season
All black with on trend accessories
Quilted Jumper
Black & White Tweed jacket
 And all I need is for all these pieces to be in my wardrobe and I'll be all set for winter!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Online Shopping

So, finally a few days ago, I succumbed to the temptations thrown at me by ASOS. Yes, I blame ASOS! I had a few items saved from when I was browsing and they were already on sale, so when ASOS said I could take a further 20% off the sale prices, I couldn't resist anymore. Here's what I got...

These are some of my photos from Instagram (have you checked out my Instagram account yet @fashionsansfortune). I'm glad the jacket doesn't look too glittery or jazzy irl. And its quite soft and warm, too. I haven't tried on the dress yet (oh, yes the one on the right is a dress). Links to the styles and clearer photos below...

ASOS Lace And Floral Kimono Dress
ASOS Knitted Bomber With Quilted Metallic Fabric
This is not an editorial, nor am I affiliated with ASOS in any way - but I have to say it's my favourite online store. I haven't bought from any other site as much as I have bought from ASOS. Even back in the day when they used to charge delivery fees, in Pounds! May be its partly that loyalty+nostalgia factor as well, as this was the first online shopping destination I discovered, and now they've made it big so I always go back. Even though the quality and fit can be hit and miss, I find they're very reliable and the website itself is user-friendly.
What other websites do you like? Would love to know what some other favourites are.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Gold Class Movie Night

A quick post today to share what I wore to one of the many activities undertaken this long weekend. Aah, you've gotta love long weekends!
On Friday night, being Good Friday as there was not much to do, we decided to go for a late night movie. We had Gold Class vouchers that we'd been gifted and were waiting to use but tickets usually sell out pretty quickly for Friday nights. Luckily, this time we snapped them up just in time. We watched 'The Other Woman' - it wasn't great but who cares about the movie when you're in Gold Class at Crown Village Cinemas! 

Here's what I wore...

Black Waterfall Jacket: $139.95 (Dotti)
Ocre Silk Tank: *$5 (Dotti)
Animal Print scarf: *$9.95 (Sportsgirl)
Wet look Pants: *$19.95 (Glassons)
Black Soft Leather Ankle Boots: *$52.50 (Santini)

Outfit Total: $227.35
* = sale prices

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Good luck for the short week ahead and hooray for another long weekend next weekend! xx